Tiesto – In The Booth

Tiesto – In The Booth Watch An Exclusive Teaser

Hobnobbing with NFL elite. Hosting private-plane parties high in the sky.Setting a U.S. DJ attendance record in front of 26,000 fans. Launching a fashion line.

It’s the stuff legends are made of — or just everyday life for dance-music icon Tiësto.

So it should make total sense that the Dutch EDM star is now set to share his globetrotting adventures with his millions of fans around the world. Premiering Thursday, „In the Booth” is a 10-episode digital series that will bring fans closer to the man born Tijs Verwest than ever before.

Tiësto first revealed the series to MTV News when we caught up with him while headlining Boom, Belgium’s Tomorrowland Festival. „It’s more for the people to get to know a little more about what I do,” Tiësto said. „Not just the DJing, but also going backstage and stuff. Just the way I live. It’s more about the lifestyle of Tiësto.

„Expect the unexpected,” he added. „I never know what’s going to happen on a [given] day. You can have a crazy party on a jet with Swedish House Mafia or you can end up in Russia in the middle of nowhere at an afterparty.”

Indeed, „In the Booth” will take fans on an up-close-and-personal ride alongside Tiësto before, during and after he performs at the biggest festivals, exclusive parties and nightclubs around the world. Through it all, fans will be treated to commentary and seldom-heard stories from one of dance music’s most decorated veterans, as can be seen in the first-and-only teaser brought to you exclusively by MTV News.

In the clip, Tiësto shares a page from his diary: a story of how even the biggest DJ in the world can be double-booked — on two continents! With a gig commitment in Paris, how could Tiësto turn down a friend in need in Marrakech, Morocco? Especially if that friend is the gentleman who „runs Morocco.” Bring on the jet!

„In the Booth” will consist of 10 digital episodes, each approximately five to seven minutes long, and is co-executive-produced by Tiësto and Believe Entertainment Group, the New York digital entertainment company behind „The LeBrons” with LeBron James, „MommyCast” and „Tiger Beat Entertainment,” the upcoming series with Jennifer Lopez.

„In the Booth” will be available on Tiësto’s YouTube channel on Thursday.

Source – MTV.com


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