Marcus Schossow – Tone Diary 187 (06-10-2011)

Marcus Schossow – Tone Diary 187 (06-10-2011)

01. Abyss – Birdsong (Flowers & Sea Creatures Mix) [Buzzin Fly Records]
02. Andhim – AleeFee [Sunset Handjob]
03. Romano Alfieri & Luca Bear – Leave The Valley [Break New Soil Records]
04. Detroom – Starblazer [Rejected]
05. Gregor Treshor – Lights From Inside (Dosem Remix) [Break New Soil Records]
06. Kolombo – Waiting for (Michael Mayer Mix) [Kompakt]
07. Andre Sobba – Red Dust (Ryan Davis Sub Dub Remix) [Proton Mixed]
08. Peter Horrevorts – Void [Klimaks]
09. Steve Slight – Triton (Egbert Remix) [Ruthm Converted]
10. Infusion – Love & Imitation (Guy J Remix) [Vapour]
11. Funk D’Void – Diabla (Christain Smith & Wehbba Remix) [Soma]

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